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Lifeline/ACP Agency Program

Interested in becoming a Lifeline/ACP independent agent or distributor? Apply today!

Affiliate Marketing Program

Become an Affiliate marketer today offering our online Lifeline/ACP products, wholesale and business services.

Contract Brokering

Looking for something you can’t find? A specific vendor? Wholesale product? Better contract for your business? Across 100s of providers in our network, our relentless outreach efforts and proven client testimonials Wireless Wizards can help you find what your business needs.

Franchisee Program

Begin your Telecommunications business under a team that will invest and support your growth for success. Franchisee as retail/enterprise/online TPR, Lifeline/ACP Agency or more niche Telecommunications services.


Come see our selection of prepaid smartphone and accessories for wholesale purchase.

Enterprise Sales Executive

Join Wireless Wizards as a corporate Enterprise Sales Executive offering Verizon, ATT and other telecommunication products/services. Hiring across the entire USA all 50-States.